I Passed!

I passed my course with an overall mark of 75%. Given my rather disappointing performance in the first half of the course, I'm quite pleased with my overall score. It's trickier than it sounds; to imagine the Universe and the Sun rotating around an Earth at different speeds. On top of that we're also supposed to picture the universe where, whilst Earth's axial tilt is still 23.5° from perpendicular to its orbital plane about the sun (or the Ecliptic as it's known in the biz), the orbital plane (and consequently the rest of the universe) is tilted at an angle of 23.5° so that the view of earth is with the North/South pole in the vertical position. Or maybe it isn't. Who knows. I certainly found it difficult to get my head around, but that's what we were expected to do for quite a bit of the course.

Thankfully, the latter part of the course was focused more on the Mathematics and Physics that I was expecting from the course. When we switched to focusing more on those aspects of Astronomy, I felt much more comfortable and performed much better.

Unfortunately, I didn't feel confident that I'd be well enough this following year to complete another two modules, but I think next year I'm probably just going to take them anyway, unless I'm feeling really bad for more than two consecutive months, otherwise I'll probably never get anywhere with it.