The Return Of Colourcoder

I've spent a bit of time making some minor changes to what I'm fairly sure was the first program I I ever wrote using the Java Programming language. It's a program to help junior Web Developers and people who can't be bothered opening another, usually much larger, application to quickly and easily find the RGB colour index of a colour they want. It's also handy for eliminating the trial-and-error part of shade selection. Instead of repeatedly entering a new colour value and reloading the page to see if it's "just right", you can put a colour value into Colourcoder hit the Check Colour Index button and be presented with all possible variations of that colour. I've also spent a while tidying up the documentation too. There's not much to know about Colourcoder, but hopefully anything you might want to know about it is covered.

You can get it from Colourcoder's download page and information about what each control in Colourcoder's window does can be found in Colourcoder's manual page.