Finally Ready To Start Posting

Okay. So it's not so much my lack of Astronomy because that doesn't really make any sense, but rather a lack of information about my Astronomy course. I just had to truncate the summary of this entry somewhat because each summary can be no longer than 255 characters. I guess it's a bit like a slightly less restrictive form of the World-wide Web's Nile of drivel.

I was warned about this by a mate of mine that's studying Music. He told me University will expect you to do all of the legwork. I'm fine with what I thought he meant by that (e.g. It's not like College), but not even telling you when your course starts seems a bit like overkill. I remember receiving an email a few months ago telling me that it starts in October, which seemed a bit peculiar, but nothing relevant since. For someone that likes Web Development so much I'm surprisingly old-fashioned in many ways. I keep expecting information and things of relevance to be sent to me in the post; only to find a week-old email in my inbox when I eventually remember that email exists.

It may just be that I'm a bit impatient to get started and that there's a letter on it's way to me in the post. It's still only the 1st of October after all. Or maybe it's a cunning way of ensuring the student really wants to study Astronomy and didn't just apply for the course by accident. The course doesn't have any particularly exclusive minimum entry requirements, which I think is a very good thing (especially for people like me). I just hope that it doesn't start from the absolute basics. Y'know. Stuff like ike...

What's the average shape of a planet?

  • Earth


  • Rubix Cube


  • Jim Bowen cooking a Chinese meal

    Jim Bowen

Given the entry requirements, It'd probably have to start out right at the beginning. It'd also be rather arrogant and stupid of me to just assume I already know whatever I'm supposed to be studying. I'm just itching itching to get started. I'll have to have a rummage through my emails again and review any documentation I have to make sure I haven't missed something.